Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Photoshop CC V14.2 Highly Compressed To 90MB Full Version Cracked | Exclusive 2016 update

Photoshop CC V14.2 Highly Compressed To 90MB

Photoshop CC (14.0) was launched on June 18, 2013. As the next major version after CS6, it is only available as part of a Creative Cloud subscription, the full version of which costs $49 every month. Major features in this version include All-new Smart Sharpen, Intelligent Upsampling, and Camera Shake Reduction for reducing blur caused by camera shake. Editable Rounded Rectangles and an update to Adobe Camera Raw (8.0) were also included.

Developer: Adobe Systems.

Features Of This Software:
  • Perspective Warp
  • Faster performance
  • Faster performance with Mercury Graphics Engine
  • Linked Smart Objects
  • Enhanced Scripted Patterns and Fills
  • 3D printing, Oil painting
  • Workflow enhancements
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