Tuesday, 19 April 2016

40 best free icon sets 2016 free download

40 best free icon sets 2016 free download

Whether you’re building a new website, a new app, or a dashboard, you can’t do without great icons.

The Web is in love with icons, they’re used everywhere from apps to responsive sites, all because they pack information into a small space. And because each set of icons is unique, you can give a different voice to a design, just by switching between sets.

Today we’ve put together the best icon sets so far from 2015. Some have been released in the last 4 months, others have had significant updates.

There’s a ton of different themes here, ranging from business, to leisure, and of course plenty of weather icons. There’s also a wide range of types, with some designers favoring flat design, and others reincarnating skeuomorphic design. Some of these icons have been designed by leading names in the field, others are just regular designers who wanted to give something back to the community.

All of the icons here are crystal clear vectors; some are drawn in Photoshop, some in Illustrator, and some in Sketch. All of them are free to download and use in personal or commercial projects.

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32 icons

Weather icons

Flat icons

45 free transport icons

Fauna Precolombina Set

Thin Line UI Icons 170

Free Shopping Cart Icons

Free Download — Icon Set 2015

30 line icons

Icono – Pure CSS Icons

Happy Friday Space Travelers

Objects Icons

Free line icon pack

90 Free Line Icons

Free File Type Icons

Boldo – Free Icon Set

Travel icon set

Carnival icon set

100 free kitchen icons

Free social circles

Polygon free flat icons set

School subjects

18 flat icons set

Geometric icons

Icons pack #4

48 icons


Simple icons

Weather icons

Heart icons

Free Set Colorful Ficons Icons 42+

Icons pack #2

25 Zombies icons

Calendar icons set

Icon sets pack

Business icon set


New York Buildings Icons Set

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