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Program name: GIMP
Software Version: 2.8.16
Official site: GIMP Team
Language: Multi / Russian
Treatment: not required

Description: GIMP - tool for working with images. The program can handle the tasks of creating graphics and logos, scaling and cropping photos, coloring, combining images with layers, retouching and convert images into different formats. GIMP is one of the first applications of this class, which is distributed with open source. Despite the fact that GIMP is free software, its capabilities are not inferior to similar products Adobe Photoshop.

Additional Information:
  • In GIMP there is a pretty good set of color correction tools:
  • curves;
  • levels;
  • mixer channels;
  • posterization;
  • Hue-Saturation;
  • color balance;
  • Brightness-Contrast;
  • discoloration. When using filters, tools, and mask layers with different types of overlay (of 22) can be:align littered the horizon;
  • remove the distortions introduced by the optics;
  • correct perspective;
  • perform cloning facilities, taking into account the prospects;
  • crop photos;
  • remove defects such as dust on the matrix (stamp, healing brush);
  • to simulate the use of different color filters;
  • "Pull" the lost detail in the shadows;
  • much more. Drawing:several drawing tools;
  • freely scalable brushes;
  • support for graphics tablets; more opportunities for image correction throughout the work realized in the form of screen filters. These include:simulation of different types of color blindness (Protanopia, deyteronopiya, Tritanopia);
  • gamma correction;
  • contrast correction;
  • color management. Customizable interface:floating palettes easily grouped and regroup;
  • can complete reconfiguration keyboard shortcuts, mouse actions, as well as input devices like the Griffin Powermate;
  • Any menu can be turned into a free floating window.

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