Thursday, 14 January 2016

TOOL PTC PRO - autoclicker All Script new 2016 version

Download TOOL PTC PRO - autoclicker All Script new 2016 version
1- Auto login.
2- Auto advertisement clicking
3- Auto read of admin messages
4- Supoorts All Script new 2016 version and lower versions.
+ 9 types of scripts : Buxh0st , Aur0ra, NTen , PTCevo , Gen4 , incentive , ShiftCode , Cash Crusa-der, Russia
+ Custom 15 site : IncenTria , Clicksia , NeoBux ,Noulinx , Clixsense, Probux, vilvin, Clickfair , BuxP , Ojooo , BestBux, , Bexbux, Fusebux, Zapbux Twickerz.
+ Special: Automatically login to overcome captcha and click the ads on all the scripts (except for one special number google captcha ... )
5- Doesn't click Anti-Cheat and Anti-Bot advertisements
6- Protection agains DDos attacks.
BuxHost Multi-Account Clicker 2016 Ready
Software Features:
- Unlimited Real Account Add
- Unlimited Fake Direct Referrals Account Add
- Support All Nextgen 5.40 Stable Version Sites and Other Versions Sites
- Security Fixes And Bypassing Anticheat System.
- Server DDOS attack blocking (blocking IP) protection is determined.
- Proxy feature for each account
- Add Account
- Delete Account
- Edit Account
- All Account Multi-Threading Auto Login & Auto Clicker
- Different For Each Account Option In Your Web Browser
Use Of This Software Is A Real Account And For Fake Direct Referrals Accounts


  1. i want to use this software. please help me. how to use it.

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