Friday, 15 May 2015

ADF.LY BOT – FREE AUTO CLICKER DOLLARS ADDER MONEY GENERATOR 2015 Bot – Free Auto Clicker Dollars Adder & Money Generator 

Hello All users. My name is Mathias. I am a member of Free Hacks Empire Team. Today I want to show you our newest software. This software is Bot – Dollars Adder & Money Generator. We got a lot of questions about whether we will be able to create such software. You wrote that you need a program that will simulate clicks on your link and you get a meringue dollars. It was not easy, because they need to be uniklane click. However, we were able to get the idea. We created Botthat launches performs unique clicks through proxy list. You do not have to worry that they will not be credited or your account gets banned, because bot – DollarsAdder & Money Generator has Proxy and Ghost Script Protection. You are 100% protected. Just that you create your shortened url and our program does the rest for you. You will be able to sit quietly and watch the increasing number of unique input and click, ao consequently dollars in your account. Beautiful is not it?In addition, true. We recommend, however, do not overdo the number of daily visits and clicks as it may seem suspicious that the administration earn so much. In our view, earnings between 300$ to 1,000$ per month should seem okay. If you want to make money so you can now download our bot with our external server. The software is 100% new because we have Free Auto Updates System. You can scan before downloading the file for viruses using a scanner that you provide. We provide you that it is 100% clean from viruses, because we want this to give our users the best software. What counts for us, quality and reputation. We invite you to click a button to download and start using this amazing bot. bot – Free Dollars Adder & Money Generator Features: 
✓ No Viruses 
✓ 100% Working 
✓ Free Auto Updates 
✓ Ghost Script Protection 
✓Unlimited Dollars Generator
 ✓ Unlimited number of visits and clicks
 ✓ 100% Working on All Operating System 

How to use this Dollars Hack ? 

Perhaps you are wondering whether you can handle the use of our Dollars Hack. Our Adfly Bot – Free Dollars Adder & Money Generator is very easy to use. If you are an average computer user or computer player will be very easy for you. Follow the steps below and everything will go smoothly.
1. Download and extract the Dollars Hack
2. Open folder which hacking application Files.
3. Double click and run Hack Tool Application
4. Paste your shorten url and write dealy time
5. Select the Amount Size of url views and clicks
6. Press click “START” Button in our hacking software
7. Wait 1 minute and Go to your Accountto see amazing results !

I told you that it is very simple. Now you probably no longer have doubts about it. Do not wait any longer just proceed to the action!

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